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July, 1944 :iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 1 0
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He and She :iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 20 2
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She-Chapter 8 :iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 11 0
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She-Chapter 7 :iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 7 4
She- Chapter 6
"I'm outside"
"Thanks sis, I'll be right out."
Madeline hung up her cell phone and waved goodbye to the nurse at the reception desk. She wheeled out of the automatic doors, and a warm blast of air filled the waiting room. It was a broiling summer day, and she wore thick, dark sunglasses and a skimpy t-shirt, her hair in a messy ponytail. A pair of jogging shorts were stretched over her casted hips, the short pant legs laying flat against the seat. Her backpack was slung across the back of her chair and she gripped a canvas bag filled with her dirty clothing in one hand. Her other hand operated the wheelchair's joystick.
She carefully went down the ramp, leaning backwards slightly for stability. Her younger sister, Alex, was waiting in the parking lot with her car. Alex had her sister's tanned skin and lithe frame, but she was a little rounder in the face and had shorter brown hair instead of jet black. She walked up, bent down and hugged her. "Heeeey Madeline! I missed you. Cool wheelc
:iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 9 0
She- Chapter 5
It was hideous. The wheelchair was large, bulky, and angular. Ironically enough, two footrests stuck out from the front like an afterthought. The seat was just canvas stretched across the bottom two metal tubes that made up the frame. They looked hard and uncomfortable. Martin had trouble wheeling it through the door. Madeline made a face.
"Please don't tell me that's my wheelchair"
"What's wrong with it?" Martin sighed. "I'll take the leg rests off, if you want."
"It's still too big. It would barely fit in my apartment!" Lila looked up from her clipboard and frowned. "Sorry Madeline, it's all your insurance would cover. We have some other options, but I'm afraid they'd have to be out of pocket." Madeline crossed her arms. "That's fine, let me see them. Whatever I pick is going to have to replace my legs." She pointed to the wheelchair. "And my legs were much prettier than THAT."
The second option was a cherry red electric wheelchair. It had six wheels, a pair of large gray ones in the
:iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 6 2
Mature content
She- Chapter 4 :iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 11 1
Mature content
She-Chapter 3 :iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 9 3
She-Chapter 2
Madeline was quietly reading a novel when an orderly came into her room. She looked up and smiled, then went back to reading. The orderly began unscrewing her now almost full urine bag, taking care not to spill any of her waste, and asked her how she was feeling. How her pain levels were, if she was hungry, if she needed her pillows fluffed and the like. "I'm doing okay, I guess," Madeline said. "I'm just a little bit thirsty, and hot." The orderly frowned. "Sorry love, the doctors say you can't drink anything right after surgery. It'll only make the swelling worse. But, I could let in some fresh air." She attached an empty bag to the end of her waste tube, then went over to the window and opened it halfway. Thin, silky curtains slightly swayed in the light breeze. "Thanks, that feels great."
She peered out the window, and saw the slow, lazy strolls of people on the sidewalk. It was a hot summer evening, and insects buzzed around the swaying bushes and trees, children yelling and runni
:iconzeldanerd7789:Zeldanerd7789 11 7


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