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She gently placed her hands on the soft, thick padding that covered her hips. Sharp, tingly flecks of pain buzzed in her pelvis. She gingerly squeezed the ends of her hips, and she winced when the buzzing intensified. She closed her eyes and whimpered. The heavy layers of bandages were springy and resistant, and little white mounds bulged between her fingers. The throb felt like its own heartbeat. Her mind was murky and confused. She was thirsty and groggy. The short contour of her body under the blanket steeply dropped off into nothing. It was almost surreal. Well, she thought, I'll have to look some time...

Slowly, her long, graceful fingers tugged at a corner of the white sheet, and she felt her heart race inside her chest. When she was done, the blanket was folded in a neat triangle over the side of the bed, like a napkin. The end of her belittled body was capped with a swaddle of clean, white gauze that bulged with padding and followed the contour of her hips. Her dark, flowing hair now reached almost the middle of her shortened length, where her tanned tummy slowly rose and fell, sandwiched between her black lace bra and her white clad pelvis. Two black wires burrowed into the left side of her rump, disappearing between the bandages. A thin, clear rubber tube exited from the direct center of the dressing, and the woman blushed as she felt her warm urine drip through the tube into a flat yellow bag near the end of the bed.

She tried wiggling her toes. Nothing happened.

She tried flexing her ankles. Nothing happened.

She tried bending her knees. Nothing happened.

She tried contracting her hips. A small, almost imperceptible twitch on the far left end of her hip.

She could now see a little mound jut from the smooth contour of the gauze, and when she ran her curious fingers down to explore her new body again, she found that her abbreviated torso wasn't as symmetrical as it first appeared. She gently tapped her left hip with three fingers, and felt a hard knob of bone beneath the padding. When she tried wiggling it again, she found it difficult to nudge even an inch. Thick scar tissue, swollen ligaments, and wads of bandages kept her shortened limb in place.

The other side was the complete opposite. When she prodded it with her index finger, she was surprised at how much give there was. Curious, she pressed down harder, and the bandages seemed to keep depressing inwards, until she felt a hot flash of pain. She had squished her empty, flabby hip socket, which was still extremely tender and sensitive. Her hand quickly drew back. She whined and gyrated her hips side to side slowly, in a futile attempt to relieve the dull, achy pain in her pelvis. The black wires going into her hip went taut as she moved her trunk too far to the right, and they uncomfortably pulled on her inch long "leg". She cupped her precious remaining stump with her right hand, and carefully tugged the two black wires with her left.

Two small black remotes slid soundlessly up over the edge of the bed and plopped onto the sheets. One had a single red button, while the other had a screen and a dial knob. She tried the one with the dial first. As she turned the knob to its highest setting, the screen turned on and displayed a temperature. 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Slowly, she could feel the layers of her bandages start to heat up. It started in her left side, then the heat flowed over her crotch and buttocks to her shorter right side like warm, flowing water. She felt the cold, tight sinews in her little stump warm up and relax, the bone slowly extending out sideways as muscle expanded.

She placed her open palm on it, gently pushing against it, stretching it slowly, then pulling it back up towards her the other way. Even as she did this, her right hand went for the other controller. She tapped the button with her thumb, and heard a muffled humming noise. Suddenly, she felt the most wonderful tingling, in and around her nub. A gentle, deep vibration massaged the stress away from her aching non-limb. She squeaked and lifted her left buttock up off the bed, her back bent slightly towards the ceiling. It swayed back and forth, as if seeking something in the air, before she let it come back down again, dropping her padded hips onto the bed with plump little bounce.

She fondled away at her shorter side with quick, careful fingers. Her stump was quivering with delight, and she felt pity for her more battered, wounded end. She swept her smooth, red fingernails over the snow white bandages, then reached around, cupping her hand over her empty hip, where it swept back up into her firm butt. A gentle squeeze. It felt good. She used both hands to knead the aches, sores and throbs from her soft, boneless pad of flesh. She petted and patted it. She ran her palm up and down the contour of her pelvic bone, feeling where it curved up into voluptuous hips, down to where it tapered to a point at her center. Beyond that, there was nothing but white sheets, and her waste bag. She tugged gently on the urine tube, feeling a tight pull inside her. More warm liquid tumbled down the tube,which snaked into the now half full collection bag.

She was content. Almost happy, even. She was warm and comfortable and safe. The horrible accident, the annoying local news reporters, the well meaning but tiring visits from all her friends and family were over. She looked down at her wrapped end. Walking again was almost certainly out of the question. Her right stump couldn't even move on its own, and her left, while long by comparison, was still a small, fatty lump that couldn't do much more than twitch. But she'd be damned is she wasn't going to try.

Madeline Demain was ready to start anew.
Just messed around a bit, came up with a story. This may become more than one chapter.

Tell me what you think
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willcraft Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And this, boys and girls, is why one must always look in both directions before crossing the road.
zephyronze Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
I like it ;)
xyzzy2112 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Wow, I love the detailed descriptions of her anatomy and the little devices they've equipped her with.  Good stuff!
M3lanie Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I like :3
Zeldanerd7789 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, I was inspired to write after reading your stories.

I think that there's a lot of art about amputees, and not enough writing, although I enjoy both
M3lanie Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, that means a lot. Thanks :3

- And yeah, I agree, there aren't enough stories :P
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